Greg Schell - Right for St. Albert Catholic Schools

Greg Schell - Catholic School Trustee Candidate

On Monday, October 16th, please elect Greg Schell as your next St. Albert Catholic school trustee.


Promote Parental Choice & Catholic Education

  • Children do not come one-size-fits-all. Our education system should not either. 
  • Parents are the experts of their own children. They should be free to choose the method of schooling that best meets the needs of their family. 
  • Let parents have a real voice on controversial new age curriculum changes like Discovery Math
  • More grassroots consultation and less top-down Alberta Education imposed policies, laws and regulations.
  • Promote and build on the legacy Catholic schools have played in building our province and educating generations of Albertans.  

Financial Responsibility & Increasing Catholic School Enrollment

  • Lobby Alberta Education for a more stable, predictive funding framework rather than from year-to-year. 
  • Cap school fee increases at 0% and reduce the amount of parent fundraising. 
  • Seek out budget efficiencies to keep money for classroom delivery. 
  • Find funds so that teachers do not have to pay out of pocket to equip their classrooms.
  • Implement a marketing plan to promote the St. Albert Catholic School Advantage to fill vacant classrooms. 
  • Expand Catholic school choice to Sturgeon County communities northwest of St. Albert. 

Engage Students, Parents, Teachers & Support Staff

  • Schedule trustee meetings in the evenings when more parents can attend. 
  • Catholic schools and local parishes working together more collaboratively.  
  • Promote policies that empower teachers and school staff. 
  • Work with the Catholic community to assist with sacrament preparation and the RCIA program.   

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Let's keep Catholic schools a priority for our children and community.

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Greg Schell - Catholic School Trustee Candidate

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